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What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Nearby Friends

The nearby friends feature in Facebook has been around for quite some time. The feature, in essence, lets you know if you have a friend who is close by. Nearby friends also allows you to track where your friends are, and this feature can be turned on or off in the Facebook mobile app.

When one of your friends is close by, the app lets you know, and after that, it is basically up to you on whether or not to act upon it.

Although the feature may not be available to you because of the fact that it is still in development, there are others who have the feature enabled on their phones. Here are some of the Nearby Friends features that you should know about.

1.      How your data is being used


The data that Facebook gathers and how it is used has put the company in the limelight, and this feature is going to be no different as it is speculated that the location data gathered will be used for purposes related to marketing. This means ads that are personalized. You shouldn’t be alarmed by this since all the other features that Facebook offers to use the data gathered in some form of marketing or the other.

2.      How you can use the Nearby Friends feature

It is no surprise that you and your friends will need to share your location in order to get this feature. You can check if you have this feature by going to the tab called “More” in your facebook app. If you have this feature, you will be able to see all your friends that have opted for Nearby Friends. But this is only true if you have your location turned on. Apart from the number of friends and who uses the feature, you will also be able to see the distance, where they are at the moment and also their location where they logged last.


3.      Better apps that do the same

Better apps

If you like what you have read so far, you need to know that there are other apps that perform the same task, only better. Apps such as Banjo, Connect and Circle are considered to be better than what Facebook is offering at the moment. The Circle app lets you know about the events that are happening nearby and also who, among your friends, are planning to attend. Another app that Android users can use is the Google Now app that allows you let people know when you are heading home.

Ways To Gather Our Old Friends For A Meet Up

There is nothing better than catching up with old friends you haven’t seen or heard in several years. Picking up a friendship on where you left it can be tricky sometimes, as a lot can happen in the span of years and good chances neither of you will resemble the people you were when you were close acquaintances. Here are some essential tips to make sure the reunion does not grow stale and awkward.

Neutral territory

If you and your friend have not seen each other in a long time and do not share much of the common interests like before, it is vital that you determine a place which is comfortable for both of you and which will aid in fostering the conversation. Often times, this going to be neither of you or your friend’s houses.

Avoid small talk

small talk

Tend to avoid the small talk of how the weather is and so on. Yes, it might feel awkward at first when meeting each other after a few years. To break the ice, you can directly skip to the main course of the conversation as you will have a lot to say in those span of years’ worth of catching up to do and do not waste precious time talking about superficial matters not unless both parties are interested.

Have a drink if you both are into it

Nothing curtails the tension and awkwardness and loosening up the lips after sharing a few drinks. Do not be afraid of catching up in bars assuming it is okay between both of you. You will be shocked by all the moments of nostalgia and reminiscing about old times leading to intense laughter like the moment passed just yesterday, all thanks to alcohol.

Bring a friend

You can break the tension and get into the immediate conversation by bringing a friend with whom you both are already acquainted with.

Functional gossip

If you and your friend have both attended the same high school or college together, eventually the conversation you share will involve a relatively fair amount of gossip. Make sure what information you have to share isn’t already seen on Facebook by both parties. If you have a good scoop of gossip in you waiting to come out, make sure you do share but in a manner which is obscure and isn’t too damaging to other parties uninvolved in the matter.